Daylight Comes

Written by Judith Miller
Review by Nan Curnutt

In 1882, Nicodemus and Hill City, Kansas, have grown from their frontier wilderness beginnings. These two towns, one black and one white, share a bond of goodwill, forged when they were young communities. Nicodemus townsfolk are elated when Moses Wyman is asked by the Republican Party to run as state auditor. This could be the highest political position a black man has held in Kansas. However, Moses’ newly pregnant wife, Truth, is not pleased at all. If Moses wins, they will have to move to Topeka. Truth wants her child to be born and raised in Nicodemus among her family and friends. Meanwhile, in nearby Hill City, Macia Boyle returns from Europe to find the man she loved engaged to another woman, and a new man in town who strikes her interest.

Daylight Comes is the third installment in the Freedom’s Path series. Although the story is mildly interesting, it doesn’t measure up to the promise of the earlier books (First Dawn and Morning Sky) and is best read as the last part of the series. Judith Miller mentions in a note to her readers that Nicodemus is the only African American frontier town in existence today.