Day of the Caesars

Written by Simon Scarrow
Review by Chris James

Day of the Caesars is the latest novel in Simon Scarrow’s long-running Eagles of the Empire series, set in the 1st century AD. It is a Roman military adventure that sees the main characters of the series, Macro and Cato, back at the heart of the Roman Empire, in Rome, part of the elite Praetorian Guard. The Emperor Claudius is dead. His successor, Nero, is targeted by plots to displace him with the younger Britannicus, Claudius’ son. Thus, civil war threatens.

It is an atmosphere of intrigue, uncertainty and political machinations. Nobody, it seems, can be trusted. An alien environment, therefore to Macro and Cato, every bit as a dangerous as the imperial frontiers. There is action aplenty and unexpected drama, making this another good read from Scarrow. Readers of the series will not be disappointed by this book, and all fans of military historical fiction should give it a read. Recommended.