Dawn Encounter

Written by Jennifer Blake
Review by Viviane Crystal

Lisette Moisant was desperate while she was married but she’s even more desperate now that she’s a widow! And who is the man who perchance rescues her from death? Caid O’Neill is a maître d’armes who finds Lisette near death, a situation he might have caused. Lisette quickly realizes what an honorable man Caid is and manipulates him into promising protection from her monstrous father-in-law. What makes this novel particularly intriguing, however, is the historical and social atmosphere that surrounds Caid and Lisette’s individual situations. For Lisette is a woman of Louisiana proclaiming her independence in 1840, a time when women were still viewed as respectable only in the married or protected widow state. And Caid has earned a respectable place in society because of his sword skills that convey power and protection, but he will never be acceptable in any sophisticated social hierarchy of French New Orleans because of his weak bloodline and his un-gentlemanly career. So Lisette and Caid are pariahs in more than one sense. The challenges they face and how they come to respect and love each other are told in an endearing and fascinating manner. Very nicely done historical romance!