Dark Tide Rising: A William Monk Novel

Written by Anne Perry
Review by Alana White

Dark Tide Rising is Anne Perry’s 24th title in her William Monk series set in Victorian London. This time around, Commander Monk of the Thames River police accompanies wealthy real estate developer Harry Exeter to Jacob’s Island, the watery site of London’s worst slum, where Harry’s wife, Kate, is being held for ransom. When the secret exchange of money for Kate turns deadly, Monk fears one of the five subordinates who accompanied him to the island alerted the kidnappers to his carefully laid, but dangerous, plans. Haunted by the possibility of betrayal by one of his own men, Monk investigates their backgrounds while hunting a cold-blooded killer.

A feeling of loneliness lies at the heart of this story, personified by Monk’s right-hand man, John Hooper, who, unbeknownst to Monk, is hiding a secret that could see him hanged, even as he tentatively questions Kate’s cousin, Celia Darwin, the solitary woman who adored Kate—or did she? Perry’s descriptions of Jacob’s Island, an abandoned, filthy slum, are chilling and lovely, echoing her themes of melancholy and loss. Fans of the series will enjoy appearances by Monk’s wife, Hester, and his friend and attorney, Sir Oliver Rathbone, among others.

In addition to the Monk series, Perry is the author of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels (with a new series featuring their son, Daniel), five WWI novels, sixteen holiday novels, and a historical novel set in the Ottoman Empire.