Dark Road to Darjeeling


It is 1889, and Lady Julia Grey and her husband Lord Brisbane are on their honeymoon in Cairo when her sister Portia and brother Plum catch up with them, in order to request that the newlyweds accompany them to India, where Portia’s dearest friend, Jane, is newly widowed and expecting a baby. Jane has written to Portia, expressing fears that her husband Harry has been murdered. Lady Julia views this as an opportunity to help her husband, once again, in his profession of private enquiry agent. However, this is a point of contention with Lord Brisbane, and it seems the blissful honeymoon is at an end.

Jane lives on a tea plantation inherited by her ne’er-do-well husband, along with her husband’s cousin, who manages the plantation very well, and the husband’s aunt. The valley where it is located is populated by a small number of Westerners who all have their own peculiarities, as well as a local family whose various members serve a number of the Western households. Lady Julia and Lord Brisbane find plenty of suspects as they attempt to determine whether Freddie was murdered, and by whom.

This is a most enjoyable entry in the series, and the setting outside of Darjeeling provides some additional spice. There is a quite a surprise in this book, which, along with several other situations, will take on added depth for readers who have read the books in order. The first is Silent in the Grave, and it is the perfect place for new readers to begin. Fans of the series won’t want to miss this newest entry.

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