Dark Hunter

Written by Fiona Watson
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

May 1317. Bannockburn has been fought and won by Robert Bruce, who now calls himself King of Scotland. Berwick-upon-Tweed is on the English side of the border, but Edward II is doing very little to save it from an expected Scots invasion. Benedict Russell is in the garrison of Berwick. Suddenly there are problems. A young girl of good family is murdered, and there is also suspicion of a traitor in the town. Ben is tasked with solving the murder. Can he do this and even expose the traitor before either the town falls to the Scots or Edward arrives with his army to save them?

This is a murder mystery set in very turbulent times in the wars between England and Scotland. All are suspects, and time is running out. The story is well told and captures beautifully the time and essence of the 14th century. It is winter, very cold and the privations of the garrison soldiers leave little to the imagination. The characters, all fictitious, are realistically drawn. For lovers of historical fiction, this is a book to be enjoyed by the fire on a cold evening.