A Daring Venture

Written by Elizabeth Camden
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Dr. Rosalind Werner is a dedicated biologist in New York City in 1908, determined to bring clean drinking water to the city and the nation. At the forefront of technology, she and her team are determined to treat the water with chlorine. But, the city government officials are not convinced that this is safe and give them a timeline to prove the safety of this chemical before using it on the city water system. Nick Drake, Commissioner of Water, likes the spunky Dr. Werner and even begins to fall for her despite their differing opinions on the best sanitation methods. But, soon, controversy begins to mar their relationship, and they find themselves at an impasse, especially when Nick discovers a secret experiment going on right under the city’s nose.

Based on real events, Camden does a marvelous job interweaving fact with fiction. Like most of her heroines, Rosalind is passionate about her cause and will do anything to prove herself, even breaking the law and sacrificing the chance at love and marriage. Her determination and bravery resonate throughout the plot, engaging readers from the start. Overall, this is an interesting story with a good mix of science, history, love, and drama. Fans of Camden’s other novels will not be disappointed.