Dangerous Deceptions

Written by Sarah Zettel
Review by Anne Clinard Barnhill

The third in Sarah Zettel’s A Palace of Spies series tells the story of 16-year-old Peggy Fitzroy, lady-in-waiting at the court of George I, and her adventures as a spy for the king. Jacobite plots blossom like a field of lilies, and Peggy must protect the king against such treasons. Things become complicated when her betrothed, Sebastian Sanford, returns to court to claim her. Earlier, Sebastian had shown himself to be a brute and Peggy had no intention of ever marrying him, no matter what her Uncle Pierpont says. She simply can’t marry Sebastian; she’s in love with Matthew, an instructor for a prestigious art academy.

However, Uncle Pierpont is insisting that, as Peggy’s guardian, she do as he says. But Peggy cannot figure out why Uncle Pierpont is so set on this marriage. As she endeavors to discover what is going on with her uncle, she uncovers yet another plot against the king—this time involving her own family. She must find a way to protect the king, her aunt and cousin, all the while fighting off the advances of Sebastian.

This story is told from Peggy’s point of view in a breezy style that pokes fun at some of the fashions of the day. Often humorous, Peggy says and does things ladies of her time simply would never consider. She is a breath of fresh air; an independent and fearless woman. Age 12 +