Dangerous Conjurings

Written by Anne Armistead
Review by J. Lynn Else

The Civil War took Leah’s brother and her childhood sweetheart. Only her father returned. Their family broken, Leah’s asked by her mother to visit the local Hoodoo woman in hopes of conjuring a pregnancy. Soon thereafter, her mother gives birth to a baby boy. The delivery is marked by superstitious signs. Believing these signs to be auspicious, the Hoodoo woman steals the baby and flees, hoping to sell him to a New Orleans Voodoo Queen. Leah quickly sets off to rescue her brother. Accompanying her on the 700-mile trek is Marcus, a Civil War soldier who recently delivered the final letter from her brother. But this kind-hearted soldier has a devastating secret that could jeopardize their rescue mission.

While the narrative is filled with unique personalities, I didn’t always sympathize with Leah. At times, she came off a bit cruel to innocent people. Thankfully, she undergoes a lot of growth, and the romance strengthens with each challenge. The post-Civil War South was harrowing, and emotions are high. Armistead does a great job lacing this post-war tension throughout Leah’s journey. Filled with paranormal superstitions, a quickly-developing romance, and an atmospheric Southern setting, Dangerous Conjurings is a darkly magical tale.