Dancing with Demons

Written by Peter Tremayne
Review by Ilysa Magnus


                In this 16th installment of Tremayne’s Fidelma of Cashel series, the High King of Ireland is killed at night in the middle of his well-defended compound.   Although his killer appears to have committed suicide after having murdered the King, things simply don’t jive.   How did this deed occur in a fortified palace?   Why would anyone have wanted to kill the High King?   What is the motive for the murder?  Enter Fidelma, the sister of the King of Muman and a highly respected advocate of the courts ofIreland, to investigate and solve these seemingly insoluble dilemmas.

                Rather than becoming stale and repetitive, Fidelma simply gets better with age.  Tremayne consistently imbues her with charisma, intellect and a touch of down-home toughness when the situation calls for it.   What is more engaging to the reader is Tremayne’s vast knowledge of Celtic Ireland and how that knowledge is employed to expand every Fidelma mystery from an investigation into an experience.  Here, for instance, Fidelma is confronted with an intricate web of deceit and conspiracy involving warring religious factions which, if not resolved, will tear apart the very fabric of theunited kingdomsand send them reeling into civil war.

                I admit to having read every one of these Fidelma books and I’m hooked.   This one stands out, however, making it a wonderful, quick and highly enjoyable read.