Dancing Till Midnight

Written by Rosie Goodwin
Review by Marina Oliver


Orphaned Grace is brought up by her bigoted and devious Aunt Emily. When Barry Swan falls for her she responds, becomes pregnant, is disowned by Emily, and marries Barry. He encourages her in her love of ballroom dancing, which he cannot share. Trouble arises when the handsome and wealthy Philip sweeps Grace off her feet, showing her another way of life. Feeling that something is missing in her own life, Grace is tempted.

There is a lot of warmth in this story, and the author cleverly portrays the humble homes of Barry and the various people who befriend Grace. While Barry is an admirable character full of love, I could not feel a great deal of sympathy for Grace once she becomes embroiled with Philip. And for me, Philip’s fate was not convincing, and the rest of the denouement felt contrived, but I won’t spoil the story be saying why! Readers of sagas will find this interesting, as will lovers of ballroom dancing.