Cruel Lord Cranham

Written by Sandra Heath
Review by Nan Curnutt

Sarah Lovell was living a contented life in England in 1803. She had good friends, an attentive father and a loving fiancée. She was also heiress to a comfortable fortune. She was young and beautiful and her whole life was before her. Then her fiancée chose to leave her at the request of his father.

Nicholas Stanhope never wanted to know his own father. He was a self-made man, and his father, who schemed to cheat men of their fortunes, was an embarrassment to him. He tried to avoid his father at every turn. When Nicholas and Sarah meet, their attraction for each other is instant. But there are so many people who contrive to ensure their budding romance is doomed to fail.

Sandra Heath has crafted a romantic adventure full of twists and turns that keep the protagonists from trusting each other, though their attraction remains. Ms. Heath enhances her story with detailed physical descriptions of the characters, clothing and scenery.