Cornered Tigress

Written by Jade Lee
Review by Viviane Crystal

Little Pearl, Taoist mistress of the sacred arts, believes that a perfect balance of yin and yang is vital to reach Nirvana, achieved through sharing sexual energy. After Little Pearl’s master is kidnapped, a Chinese businessman and a foreigner “devil” arrive, the first to grasp what is not his to take and the latter to collect what is rightfully owed him. How is she to protect the Tan estate until her Master returns? Should she trust either visitor? Just how much should she trust the instincts honed by her Taoist priestess practices?

One of the visitors, Captain Jack Storm, is brutally beaten by Little Pearl’s neighbors, a harbinger of the Boxer bloodbath which will occur in the late 19th century. Little Pearl begins her healing by releasing Jack’s yang, but Jack awakens and is horrified. Jack may be bold and adventurous, but underneath lies his puritanical background. His inexplicable reaction is explained by letters from his minister brother in England, who preaches to Jack to forsake his wild ways.

Revealing a small part of the plot in no way detracts from the mystery and erotic romance of this novel. Jade Lee knows how to spin a yarn to keep the reader flipping the pages and one learns quite a bit about the Taoist viewpoint about sex and life-enhancing instincts arising from the beautiful blend of yin and yang. Light, pleasant, and interesting reading here!