Conqueror Vanquished

Written by Leigh Court
Review by Nicky Galliers

Conqueror Vanquished is a short novel set in the era of Gallic conquest by the Romans. Leonidas, the commander of the Roman army, is badly injured, and the local healer, Solange, is drafted in to care for him as the Roman medicus was killed in the battle. Solange soon realises that Leonidas is not truly her enemy.

This novel is on the erotic side but not as explicit as some, so it is not an uncomfortable read. The writing flows smoothly, and it is a quick read, one well published with a good cover that is perfect for the genre.

However, the characters do not solidify and are seen entirely through rose-tinted spectacles. There is not enough soul-searching on behalf of the conquered, Solange, as she engages so readily with the enemy, and probably a little too much on the part of Leonidas, who does not come across as being quite as powerful as we assume.  Characterisation is skipped over and clichéd, with themes and sub-plots not as fully explored as they could have been.

The accuracy of the history is a little far-fetched: a Viking raid on a Gallic village? However, the history is by-the-by… very much secondary to the plot.

This is very simple story; the action takes place over a mere three days, but the point of the novel is that it is a love story, with a little more earthiness added in.

If you prefer factual history with a gripping plot and deep characters, this will not be for you, but for lovers of hearts and flowers romance with a touch of sexiness, you’ll enjoy this as it is rather fun.

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