Confessions of a Viscount

Written by Shirley Karr
Review by Carol Anne Germain

If you are a regular reader of historical romance novels, you’ve probably encountered this plot before. Karr’s storyline is not new, but she does provide the reader with interesting characters, heated interactions, and subtle nuances. Set at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the storyline focuses on a young female spy, Charlotte Parnell, who has returned to London society where her sleuthing expertise is no longer desired. Miss Parnell is determined to continue her espionage activities and prove that she is a worthy operative. However, her half-brother is determined to have her enter the social world and ultimately marry.

As luck would have it, on the London social scene is a handsome, muscular, intelligent, charismatic aristocrat, Alistair, the Viscount Moncreiffe. He may turn out to be too much of a catch for Miss Parnell and she for him. While his attention is mainly focused on the heavenly bodies, yes, stars, comets and the like, he also finds Charlotte an attractive distraction. The two work together through her surveillance endeavors and his nightly sky watches. There is plenty of steamy sexual tension and intrigue between the main characters. So, if this is a plot you enjoy – go for it!