Confessions Of A Jane Austen Addict


Contemporary single Courtney Stone has an unfaithful fiancé and hides her despair by reading Jane Austen novels. One morning she wakes up in a strange room and can’t remember how she got there. At first convinced she’s dropped into her favorite author’s world through a dream, Courtney finds herself trapped in the year 1814 in the body of a woman named Jane. Jane has an overbearing mother, a distant father, and a suitor with a dark secret.

Forced to submit to the trials of the era—restrictive dress, lack of hygiene, parental suffocation—Courtney is fascinated to walk the streets of Austen’s Bath and London. She even manages to run into the great author herself. But soon the limitations of a woman of this time wear on her and she wonders how to return to her life in the 21st century. Now she’s having Jane’s thoughts and past visions, and her ‘suitor’ is pressing her to marry him—along with her ruthless mother. At a fair a fortune teller informs her that she must ‘be satisfied’ where she is. But can she, with an undesirable marriage—to a man her sensual urges react to—looming? Will she ever escape to the future?

Courtney is a witty character trapped in Jane’s life. Her modern asides made me laugh. I would have loved more detail about everyday life in the 19th century, but this was a terrific escapist read.

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(US) 9780525950400