Come Back to Me (Waters of Time)

Written by Jody Hedlund
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In present-time America, Marian Creighton focuses her energies on researching a cure for her sister Ellen’s terminal illness. But, when her father, in Canterbury, England, drinks a vial of holy water, falls into a coma, and dies, Marian rushes across the Atlantic to figure out what happened. Examining his research, she soon begins to really consider his bizarre and crazy theory that the water was from the Tree of Life. Her father theorized that this holy water contains curative properties along with the ability to send a person back in time. With the assistance of longtime family friend Harrison, Marian tests her father’s theory, and suddenly finds herself in 1381, all doubts fleeing for good.

William Durham, gentleman and knight, rescues Marian from catastrophe and offers her protection the only way he knows how: by proposing marriage. Marian has no choice but to accept; the Middle Ages in the time of a violent uprising is no match for her. A few time-overlap encounters enable her to realize that she is in a coma in the present day, and that her life is in danger in both times. It soon becomes a race to find the source of the holy water – so that Marian can save both Ellen and herself.

Hedlund integrates Biblical knowledge with historical elements, bringing to life the violence of the times. Several smaller plotlines keep readers engaged, including some suspicion around Marian’s present-day boyfriend. With romance, intrigue, and time travel, this is pure delight. I was, however, slightly disappointed that readers are not given a solid conclusion and many questions are left unanswered (mainly: does Ellen get cured?). One is encouraged by the subtitle, though: Waters of Time #1, indicating that more is to come; hopefully the story continues, and these questions get answered.