Collision of the Heart

Written by Laurie Alice Eakes
Review by Lauren Miller

This title was formerly published as The Professor’s Heart, with authorial and editorial changes made from the original (notification from the author’s website). Mia Roper is on a collision course with disaster: first the train wreck upon her arrival in the hometown she swore never to return to, and then her frequent encounters with her former beau, Ayden Goswell, who has made it clear he’s moved on from their broken romance. Mia, a budding journalist, seizes upon the crash as the opportunity to get ahead, just as Ayden looks to secure his future with an advantageous match. Will they both sacrifice love in the name of security, or can their derailed romance get back on track?

Eakes, a Michigan native and best known for her Regency-era novels, explores the antebellum period in small-town Hillsdale, Michigan, and the growing struggle of the career-minded woman to balance personal achievement and security with societal expectations and the demands of the heart. A toddler separated from his family adds a mystery subplot. With a likeable supporting cast including the Goswell family and the local townspeople, a future trip to Hillsdale would be welcome.