Cnut: Madness of a Viking Warrior (Cnut the Viking Warrior, Book 2)

Written by Kyle Miller
Review by Steve Donoghue

Kyle Miller continues his series on the adventures of young Viking warrior, Cnut, in this second volume, which finds the main character on board a ship surrounded by bracing sea-breezes and a glorious sunny sky – and feeling none of it: “All these things of beauty meant nothing to me; I focused on our destination and the Hell I would unleash on the Christian inhabitants of Northumbria.”

Cnut is grieving the loss of his wife and dreaming of the vengeance he will be meting out: “arms and legs removed from soldiers, heads lopped off, and stomachs opened, releasing innards onto the ground.”

Miller’s latest novel follows more of Cnut’s colorful and violent inventions in the cold and largely pitiless world of medieval northern Europe, and the author does a well-researched, tightly-controlled job conveying the peculiar mental landscape of the Vikings, the surreal blending of bloodthirsty reality and fervently-believed Norse mythology. Fans of Bernard Cornwell and Giles Christian will find in this series another must-read author.