Claimed by a Highlander

Written by Margaret Mallory
Review by Chas Forest

This story takes place in Scotland in the year 1522. To say it’s a story about a Lowland noble marrying a Highlander may be technically correct, but it is so much more. The heroine, Lady Sybil Douglas, was brought up at court and trained to be the wife of a wealthy, landed gentleman. The more powerful, the better. That was until her family fell out of favor with the royal family and a price was put on her brothers’ heads. Abandoned by her family and awaiting the retribution of an angry Queen, she is rescued by a stranger claiming her as his betrothed. Enter our hero.

Rory MacKenzie survived the Battle at Flodden while others did not. Wanting only to return to the Highlands, his gamble for a horse and a sword lands him a betrothal to a Lowlander that he’d prefer to avoid. Years later, when he comes to honor the agreement, he finds his betrothed has become an easy target for the vengeful Queen because of her family’s dishonorable ways.

This book is full of clan rivalry and political intrigue, romance and secrets, which are all worked out with a satisfying happily-ever-after. With a strong-minded heroine and swoon-worthy hero, this story is an enjoyable read that I recommend.