City of Ghosts

Written by Kelli Stanley

In this fast-paced noir mystery, set in San Francisco in 1940, private investigator Miranda Corbie is as beautiful, jaded and dangerous as the city she loves. The U.S. stands on the brink of war, and Miranda is desperate to finish up her current case, collect her payment, and book her passage to England before the jackboots kill the woman who may be her mother. But Miranda’s departure would be so much easier to effect if the State Department had not requested that she investigate a Berkeley professor who may be a Nazi spy – and if some other unknown person would stop killing her clients and friends. In this third book in the series, Miranda is still a novice investigator who has only recently left her work as a paid escort. Fearless, feisty, and fiercely intelligent, Miranda has the uncanny ability to instantly become her alter ego, femme fatale Marion Gouchard.

Stanley’s stark writing style punches out such a prodigious quantity of period detail that the reader is fully drawn into the 1940s. The mystery itself is both complicated and thrilling, but it is the addition of the underlying storyline of Miranda’s life that make this series so compelling. Highly recommended.