City of Angels (Shannon Saga, 1)

Written by James Scott Bell Tracie Peterson
Review by Don E. Hill

This novel, set on the cusp of the women’s rights movement in the first years of the 20th century, is about a young woman who defies the mores of the times and studies law. It is quite evident that the practice of trial law at that time is changing, and that this change is for the better is something to be welcomed.

Kit Shannon, the heroine, is an orphan and law student at a prestigious woman’s college in New York, then is rescued from poverty by her prosperous great aunt in Los Angeles. She is introduced to the pecking order of the city at a party given by her aunt. In the process of learning the lessons of this male-dominated society, she almost loses her position due to the advances of an older man. She is in dire need of rescuing when help comes from a source quite unexpected.

This story angers and saddens at first, but ultimately it bolsters the reader’s faith in humankind.