Cinderella Six Feet Under: A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery

Written by Maia Chance
Review by Lauren Miller

Sparks fly as Ophelia Flax and Professor Gabriel Penrose reunite to investigate another fairy-tale themed murder mystery. Ophelia’s friend, Prue, arrives in Paris to rejoin her family, only to be mistaken by her estranged family for the latest victim – and why does it seem as if nobody in the family is perturbed by the young damsel’s death? With the Paris Opera showcasing Cendrillon, the details of the case are eerily similar, and Professor Penrose suspects a search for a fairy tale relic may be afoot. Join Flax and Penrose as they scour Parisian venues looking for clues in this caper to find the murderer, because if the shoe fits…

Chance’s sequel is a fun read, appropriately peppered with twists and turns and a cast of characters including a feisty heroine, steampunk automatons, and a Miss Havisham-like crone, obsessed with fairy tales. Fans of Cinderella will enjoy the unique spin on the tale’s “historical origins” and laugh as Ophelia shows remarkable spirit, cunning and a resolute Victorian primness in spite of the circumstances in which she finds herself. The novel includes the first two chapters of the next installment, a take on “Beauty and the Beast,” to be released in February 2016. Be sure to snag your copy of this magical mystery before the clock strikes twelve.