Churchill’s Triumph

Written by Michael Dobbs
Review by Mike Ashworth

Yalta, 1945. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin have gathered to negotiate a future for the end of the war. All three men have their own agendas, driven not only by their political and social ambitions but also by the need to make their own individual marks on history. As the negotiations progress, Churchill’s difficult relationship with the other leaders becomes a power struggle that will have global consequences. At the same time a Polish soldier risks his life by secretly appealing to Churchill for help to return to Warsaw to search for his daughter. This is a personal decision for Churchill which could have grave political consequences if revealed. Will political pragmatism triumph over humanity? The three leaders are portrayed as old and physically ailing, ostensibly looking to set up a new world order of freedom, but in reality driven by their own individual agendas. This is an absorbing read which presents a credible historical picture of what was one of the most important meetings of World War Two. However, I did find the secondary storyline involving the Polish soldier a little contrived. Overall, recommended.