Children of the Wise Oak

Written by Oliver J Tooley
Review by Mary Chapple

Rome is still a Republic and Caesar has not yet been assassinated, and the Celtic Tribes beyond Rome’s grasp are still prospering as independent entities. But things are stirring, and change is coming. Three brothers start a frosted day just before Imbolc as any other normal day, but then Blyth, Teague and Abbon have to flee their home to seek refuge with their grandfather who teaches them about magical powers. They travel to Gaul but the might of Rome is starting to emerge, so in order to survive they must continue their magical learning skills – and face many other adventures and dangers along the way.

This is the first in a planned series and Tooley obviously has a great passion for the Celtic period. This is not the Rome we are familiar with from our history books but blends fantasy with the historical facts, resulting in an absorbing adventure which younger readers – especially boys – will lap up.