Child of the Mist

Written by Kathleen Morgan
Review by Viviane Crystal

“Clan MacGregor might be nicknamed the ‘Children of the Mist,’ but one false step in the frequently impenetrable whiteness could still be dangerous, if not actually fatal.” This first novel in the These Highland Hills series concentrates on the Scottish feud between the MacGregor and Campbell clans in the late 16th century. Aside from Scottish dialect and terms, there is little historical depth here, but that doesn’t detract from the fast-paced story. When Niall Campbell is captured by the MacGregor clan, an offer is made that might end the warfare. Anne MacGregor is to be “handfasted” to Niall, that is, she will live with him for a year because he is in mourning and then they will be married. Knowing it is her father’s only hope to prevent more killing and robbery, Anne resentfully agrees to the pact. But many in the Campbell tribe believe Anne is a witch, and there are those who wish this bond broken. Indeed there is a traitor in the midst, one who desires the chieftainship of Niall Campbell. Anne and Niall attempt to work through their mutual distrust and their growing feelings of love. Plenty of tense battles and murderous attempts thread the pages toward what is a predictable but pleasing conclusion of victory and passionate union between the protagonists. With its warfare and romance, it’s a good yarn reminiscent of the George MacDonald series on Scottish clans.