Child of Loki

Written by Richard Denning
Review by Mark Thistlethwaite

In this, the second in the series of books by Richard Denning, we return to 6th-century England, a country spilt into smaller kingdoms where Saxon fights Briton for control of the heart of a country— we return to Cerdic, son of Cenred, Lord of Wicstun and Earl of the Southern marshes, and hero of Catraeth. He is dreaming the life of a simple farmer, of peace for the kingdom of Deira and his ageing King, Aelle; but these are uncertain times…

When peace turns to war and allies to enemy it’s not long before Cerdic finds himself immersed in intrigue, politics and blood. Though I have issues with the use of references to kilts and tartan (plaid would have been a better term) this is an extremely well written account of a forgotten battle from a dark time in English history.

Not much is known from this page in time, but through intense research the “Battle of Degsastan” is brought to life.

Real life characters are given flesh by fictional ones you think you know personally, and ancient Kingdoms are given back to us.

This is an enthralling read that should be in every historical fiction reader’s library no matter your age. So stop reading this review and buy this book.