Chickasaw Adventures: The Complete Collection

Written by Tom Lyle
Review by John Kachuba

Fifteen years ago, Chickasaw Adventures was released as a series of seven graphic novels, illustrated by Marvel and DC Comics artist Tom Lyle. The stories feature a young contemporary Chickasaw teen named Johnny who, through the power of a sacred staff given to him by his grandfather, becomes a time-traveler. His travels take him to important times in Chickasaw history.

Johnny finds himself as a scout during the American Revolution and as a soldier in the Chickasaw Mounted Rifles fighting on the Confederate side during the Civil War. Time-traveling through other periods of Chickasaw history such as the time of their removal to Oklahoma and the breakup of their society caused by the Dawes Allotment Act, Johnny learns more about his heritage and what it means to be a Chickasaw.

In addition to the seven original graphic novels, this edition includes five more novels that conclude the series. The artwork is colorful and action-packed, befitting the style of Marvel and DC comics. Chickasaw words and place names are used throughout, and a glossary of terms appears at the back of the book. Although narrowly focused on Chickasaw history, the story of understanding one’s heritage and culture is a universal one.

This book will resonate with young readers who will learn of the contributions made by Native Americans to U.S. history and culture.