Centuries of Change

Written by Ian Mortimer
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

I am sure that Ian Mortimer needs little introduction to most of us. His grip on our history is one of the best and his books and television programmes have been much enjoyed by many. This latest book is no exception. It charts our story from 1001-2000 and each chapter takes in the events and changes which stood out in each individual century. The chapter on the 20th century is followed by thoughts on which one saw the most changes and why it matters at all.

This is a very readable book and one to dip into rather than read from cover to cover, although that could be done with enjoyment as well. Anyone studying any particular era would be well advised to look it up in Ian Mortimer’s book. My own particular interest is the Mediaeval period and I became totally absorbed in those particular chapters. As the flyleaf states, “here is a story of godly scientists, shrewd farmers, cold-hearted entrepreneurs and strong-minded women”and I totally agree with that. Recommended.