Catching Katie

Written by Robin Lee Hatcher
Review by Sue Asher

Headstrong and different is how the people of Homestead, Idaho, remember the young Katie Jones. Now Katie has returned to her hometown after an east coast education that included an introduction to the women’s suffrage movement. Hoping to emulate Susan B. Anthony, Katie has decided to devote her life to the cause. In 1916, Idaho women had already won the right to vote. Katie wants them to use their votes to help enfranchise their sisters. Her best friend Benjie Rafferty, who owns the local newspaper, provides her a forum to express her views. Predictably, Katie’s message and manner stir things up in the sleepy little town. Predictably, the childhood friendship ripens to love. Will following her heart compromise Katie’s ideals? Fans of Christian historical romance will enjoy this touching love story and its adept characterizations. However, those unacquainted with the genre may find the religious elements heavy-handed.