Catalina Kiss

Written by Tracy Ewens
Review by Liz Allenby

It’s summer 1928, and Gwen Ross starts her internship at the new bird park on Catalina Island. The first daughter to go to college in her family, she expects to be acknowledged as a biologist in the real world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Instead, Gwen is put in charge of tiles for the new facility, a fact that irks her no end. She should be working as a scientist, on par with men. On her search for tiles she meets the handsome, flirtatious man-about-town Michael Cathner, the tile artisan on the project. Gwen fights the powerful attraction she feels for Michael.

The novel follows the growth of a young, college-educated woman who comes to terms with the 1920s society in which women were still considered “fish” caught by men, then kept at home without a voice. We experience Gwen’s painful path toward understanding the realities of life, love, and work as she struggles for equal status with men. Excellent, detailed descriptions of lovely Catalina Island. This novel is an absorbing beach read. Move that umbrella just a bit to the right, please.