Carenza’s Journey

Written by Felicity Knight
Review by Rachel Malone

Carenza Dodds is one of many born to poverty and depression in the East End of London. Her mother wants more for her and gives her an exotic name in the hope that she will rise above her roots. Wartime evacuation to Worcestershire brings difficulties that will test the young girl, until she finds herself under the wing of May Faithful whose influence will bring out the best in Carenza and encourage her to bigger and brighter things.

Wartime evacuation stories are usually heartfelt and tell a story of things that children lived through that will hopefully never be experienced again. Carenza’s Journey is no different and everything you would expect from an evacuation story is present. Her trials are heart-breaking to read and the elation as she rises above her humble beginnings is truly wonderful.

It is often a mistake of Indie Authors to not realise the importance of using a professional and experienced Graphics Designer for their covers. While the artwork for Carenza’s Journey is skilfully done, it lacks that professional quality the book needs to attract attention, and falls into a typical self-published style where the font is not clear or easy to read – especially at thumb-nail size online. This is not a fast-paced story but it is suitable for a reader who prefers a gentle, slower read.