Captive of My Desires

Written by Johanna Lindsey
Review by Melinda Hammond

After spending three years in the Caribbean treasure hunting with her pirate father, Gabrielle Brooks returns to the city of her birth, London, to find a husband. Taken in by the Malory family, Gabrielle finds herself escorted nightly to events by Drew Anderson, Georgina Malory’s brother. After failing to seduce her, Drew destroys Gabrielle’s reputation by announcing to all of Society that she is the daughter of a pirate. Not caring about the humiliation he’s caused, Drew plans to sail his ship home the next day.

That same night, Gabrielle discovers that her father is being held for ransom. Becoming a pirate herself, Gabrielle steals Drew’s ship. Sexual tension rises as the ship sails closer to the Caribbean. Despite all of Gabrielle’s precautions, however, Drew still manages to free himself, break into her quarters, strip her naked, and perform oral sex, all while she’s asleep. She doesn’t realize what’s happening until she loses her virginity. The fact that she’s just been raped doesn’t seem to bother her or the so-called “hero.”

Fans of the Malory family saga will no doubt rush to buy this latest installment. However, this particular story requires an extraordinary suspension of belief if you want to believe in the romance.