Canary Club

Review by Sherry D. Ficklin

Massie Schultz is the daughter of Dutch Schultz, a notorious crime boss in 1920s New York City. Her beautiful voice and stunning good looks have made her the star entertainer in his successful nightclub. But despite the privileges her family’s wealth and fame afford, Massie feels trapped in a dangerous life and desperate to break free from a world where women are undervalued and often abused.

Enter Bad Luck Benny, a kind-hearted boy from the wrong side of town looking for work to support his mother, brother, and ailing sister. He winds up with a position as Massie’s bodyguard and soon discovers that working for the mob is more complicated than he had anticipated, especially when he finds himself falling for the boss’s daughter.

Romance blossoms between Massie and Benny despite the fact they come from very different backgrounds and are surrounded by secrets, crime, and murder. Will their forbidden love find a way to overcome the odds, or will they become collateral damage in the gangsters’ war for the city?

Canary Club effortlessly transports readers to the Prohibition era of glittering speakeasies, decadent dinner parties, and late-night jazz. This novel is packed with action and undeniably likable characters. It’s not only a great read for young adults, but a fun novel for adult readers as well.