Call for Blood (A Jonathan Preston novel)

Written by Steve Doherty
Review by Lisa Sheehan

Call for Blood is the second outing by Steve Doherty’s Agent Jon Preston, a keen, super-competent operative for the British Special Operations Executive in Calcutta toward the end of the Second World War, tasked with carrying out guerrilla strikes against Japanese forces across a wide theater of action in Southeast Asia.

The job, this time around, is to locate and eliminate the infamous Unit 731, a clandestine and thoroughly evil subdivision of the Japanese military. They conduct sadistic experiments on prisoners-of-war with the goal of creating terrifying new biological weapons in the hope of turning the tide back in favor of the Empire of Japan. Preston and his team go to work finding and taking out Unit 731, and right from the start, Doherty’s writing confidence and easy narrative skill make Preston and his team’s adventures genuine page-turning fun.

Fans of thoughtful action-adventure stories can’t go wrong with this series.