Caesar’s Soldier (The Mark Antony Series, 1)

Written by Alex Gough
Review by Alan Cassady-Bishop

We all recall the name Mark Antony, largely from Shakespeare. We know he was a trusted supporter of Julius Caesar. But what do we know about him? He started out as a wastrel from a family of minor importance. His father tried to make inroads, and failed lethally, in Roman political life. His mother was practical and largely supportive. He was a crony of the ‘wild child’ Clodius and at a loose end, his family being ruined, he joined the legions. It was here he made his name. A twist of fate leads him to being cut loose from the ruling faction and, aware of his fragility, chose to contact a distant relation – the general Julius Caesar.

First of a series, Caesar’s Soldier is taking a fresh look at a recognised name. Using accepted sources, it’s a fictional account of a factual biography and gives a realistic take to what is ‘on the books.’ The novel is well-written, and Gough reads between the lines with an understanding of the period. I look forward to the next instalment.