Burning Sky

Written by Lori Benton
Review by Hanne Pearce

Willa Obenchain was born on the New York frontier to German homesteaders. At fourteen she was kidnapped by Mohawks and grew to maturity away from her family. The American Revolutionary War has now laid devastation on the frontier, and the woman renamed “Burning Sky” has returned to her family homestead to find things changed. Willa is running from her past, determined to return to her old life. Only upon arrival she finds her parents missing, and an old acquaintance has claimed ownership of her family land. Willa soon finds herself challenged not only by the realities of her current situation, but by a past she thought she had left behind. Trapped between two lives, she must decide if she has the strength to choose between them or to forge a new life entirely. Burning Sky is a captivating story that smoothly depicts the multilayered fabric of life on the American frontier at the end of the 18th century. Willa is torn between cultures and between her faith and her place in society as a woman. She is not to blame for the things that have happened to her, and yet she has taken the burden of her memories on her shoulders and carried them, and doing so has only made her stronger. It is refreshing to watch as a strong woman emerges from beneath it all. This story is well written and researched. Even those who do not read Christian fiction will find Willa’s story compelling. Recommended to anyone who enjoys the frontier and Revolutionary War period.