Burning Silk

Written by Destiny Kinal
Review by Angela Simmons

Burning Silk is the tale of the Duladier family, a family of French Huguenot silk spinners who journey to America to continue their business. Chronicling not only the creation of silk, but the lives, loves, traditions, and experiences of the characters themselves, Burning Silk pulls the reader into this world that author Destiny Kinal has brilliantly created.

The writing is rich and vivid, almost as though you are watching it on a movie screen. Burning Silk is also is very sensual, much like the silk that the Duladiers are creating. Destiny Kinal has woven an intriguing story that can be likened to a metamorphosis. Laced with secrets, history, and sensuality, this novel offers what most historical romances lack. I also have to say that the artwork on the cover practically screams “pick me up and read me.” This is the first book in a trilogy you will want to read.