Buried Too Deep


Aurelia Marcella runs a mansio, or inn, outside of York. She also does some investigating in her spare time (it is a good thing for our reading pleasure that she has such a competent housekeeper who can easily take charge). It is 98 AD, and the area Aurelia lives in is peaceful, with good relations between the Romans and the natives. However, she begins to hear reports of trouble closer to the coast, with a sharp increase in patients from that area visiting the doctor who practices nearby. The coastal area has been quiet for some time, due in part to the influence of the strong native leader there. However, pirates from Gaul have been coming ashore and raiding, even murdering. It seems as if they are under someone’s command. Could it be the Celtic leader, or is it perhaps the rather greedy Roman who has recently moved in, and who hopes to expand his estate?

Aurelia’s brother is a government investigator, and luckily he and Aurelia’s lover, an Imperial investigator, show up to help find and stamp out the cause of the disturbances. Aurelia undergoes a number of tribulations, but shows great aplomb in dealing with difficulties. She is a delight to spend time with.



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(US) 9781590583999