Buffalo Music

Written by Tracey E. Fern
Review by Sue Asher

When the pioneer woman Molly first settled in Palo Duro Canyon in the late 1800s, life was hard and lonely. While doing her chores, Molly loved to listen to the music provided by nature. She particularly enjoyed the sounds of the buffalo herds. It wasn’t long before the buffalo hunters came to Texas to make their fortunes, and within six seasons, the music of the buffalo was silenced. Still, not all the buffalo were gone. Cowboys discovered orphaned calves and brought them to Molly. Eventually she raised a herd of one hundred buffalo. When she learned Yellowstone National Park was trying to build a herd, she contributed four of her own. This is a nicely illustrated picture book with an environmental message. It provides an introduction to the tragic devastation of the buffalo population while avoiding the complexities which would be too confusing for the targeted age group. It would be a good read-aloud book for younger elementary schoolers. Ages 4-8.