Written by Cherie Priest

Whether you are a believer in clairvoyance or a skeptic, you will find a unique combination of charm and darkness in this intense novel set in the WWI era.

The stories center on Tomás Cordero, whose military career involved using a flame projector that doused the enemy in liquid fire. He is haunted by his horrific memories, and returns from battle to find that his wife died of influenza while he was deployed. Tomás begins to suffer dreams of fire, which become reality under suspicious circumstances, which appear connected to his departed wife. Tomás’ story is countered by that of Alice Dartle, a talented young clairvoyant who has broken an engagement, and, against her mother’s advice, chosen to live and seek others who share her gifts. She begins a new life in Cassadaga, Florida. As she settles in her new environment, vivid dreams of fire and a connection to a third person becomes overwhelming. Tomás seeks peace from his dreams and reaches out to Alice unexpectedly. Needing something to believe in, Alice sets out to bring peace to Tomás and his wife’s spirit.

Tomás and Alice, in confronting their all-consuming dreams of fire, face an unknown force which threatens to overwhelm them. The story is one of contrasts brought to life, both in its compelling and unique array of characters, and its ability to evoke both supernatural fear and fascination in the reader. Recommended reading.