Brighton Honeymoon

Written by Sheri Cobb South
Review by Trudi Jacobson

This delightful Regency is the sequel to The Weaver Takes a Wife (1999). While this book stands alone, having made the acquaintance of several of the key characters from the earlier book enhanced my enjoyment of the new predicaments they find themselves in. Ethan Brundy, a very rich weaver, is astonished to find that a young woman caller is claiming to be his sister. He is quite sure he doesn’t have a sister, particularly since this woman looks so young that she would have had to been born several years after his mother died (Brundy doesn’t know who his father is). However, his new wife is not equally convinced, and accepts the young girl into their household. Brundy engages the assistance of his friend Sir Aubrey Tabor to prove her an imposter. Brighton Honeymoon delivers lively writing, well-developed and likeable characters, historical ambience—a thoroughly satisfying read!