Brigantia (Vindolanda)

Written by Adrian Goldsworthy
Review by Mike Ashworth

Britannia, AD 100. Flavius Ferox is a centurion charged with keeping the peace on Britannia’s frontier with the barbarian tribes of the North. An imperial freedman is found brutally murdered in a latrine at the fort of Vindolanda. Ferox is summoned to Londinium by the governor, where he soon finds himself in a plot against Rome. Someone calling themselves the last druid is encouraging the tribes to rebel. Temples are being desecrated and religious artefacts are disappearing. Friends become enemies, and enemies become friends. Ferox finds himself both hunter and hunted in a deadly game of politics, rebellion and murder.

This is the third and last instalment in the excellent Vindolanda series. The story is fast-paced with a taut plot and strong characters, which brings out the life and times at the edge of the Roman world in a very readable and exciting book that can be read as a stand-alone. The action sequences are exciting and totally believable without being overly graphic. This is high-quality historical fiction from an acclaimed historian at the top of his game! He is working on a new trilogy of Roman stories – I can’t wait. Highly recommended.