Border Reprisal

Written by Tim Champlin
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Marc Charvein is a Wells Fargo express messenger working on the trains running near the Mexican border in 1887. A former lawman, Marc is on the trail of the outlaws responsible for robbing those trains of jewelry and gold coins. The outlaws’ trail goes across the border into Mexico. With the help of two old friends, Lucy Barkley and Carlos Sandoval, they cross over to find the outlaws’ hideout and recover the stolen money. On the trail of the robbers, they discover a mysterious night rider who distributes gold coins to the needy.

A sequel to Cross of Gold, this installment continues with the adventures of Charvein and Barkley as they are again faced with the task of recovering stolen gold from an outlaw who has a personal vendetta against his former partner. Another action-packed western by Mr. Champlin, who continues to put his protagonist in difficult situations. The book can be read as a stand-alone, and I highly recommend this novel to western enthusiasts.