Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Written by Eric Metaxas
Review by John R. Vallely

Histories and biographies of the 1933-1945 period are replete with stories of criminal actions by the government, Holocaust savagery, and the unrelenting tragedy of wholesale destruction and death in the Second World War. The eminent Christian theologian Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one of the few Germans, regrettably, who actively spoke against the Nazis and their policies. An accomplished intellectual and cosmopolitan man open to discussing and championing unpopular ideas, Bonhoeffer went so far as to join anti-Hitler conspiracies during the war. Arrested for his actions after the July 20, 1944 bomb plot against Hitler, Bonhoeffer and several others would be executed on April 9, 1945 at Flossenburg concentration camp. Eric Metaxas’s previous book on the British anti-slave trade reformer William Wilberforce joins with this study to present outstanding case studies of people acting as their consciences lead them.