Bombing Nazi Germany

Written by Wayne Vansant
Review by Helene Williams

Vansant’s latest graphic work provides vivid coverage of the Allied air strikes on Nazi strongholds across Europe that took place between 1942 and 1945. Full-color, six- to eight-page “chapters” are arranged chronologically, each focusing on a battle, a specific type of plane, or a flight crew, bringing to life pivotal episodes in World War II. The minimal text is packed with information on politics, history, technical specifications, and military strategy, making this book appealing to both reluctant readers and those wanting a quick history review. Don’t rush through, though: the illustrations themselves are full of content and personality, conveying the human (and inhuman) aspects of war, from the Allied attack perspective as well as that of the beleaguered civilians on the ground. The perils of aerial warfare – complete with technical malfunctions, accidental civilian bombings, and horrific losses of men and equipment – are starkly portrayed. A brief epilogue sums up the fates of the German and Allied air strike leaders, and an appendix provides illustrations and specifications for the US, British, and German aircraft involved in the attacks.