Written by Alan Gold Mike Jones

In 2007, Bilal, a young Palestinian tries to blow up the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Bilal is seriously injured in his unsuccessful attempt. He is rushed to the hospital where a surgeon, Yael Cohen operates; there is a complication, and a second surgery by another doctor requires a blood transfusion. Bilal’s blood is the rare AB negative type, and by coincidence Yael has the same blood type. When Yael reads the DNA results she is stunned to see that the similarities between her and Bilal are such that they could be brother and sister. Yael knows almost nothing about her grandmother and suspects she may be the key to the mystery of similarity in the DNA.

Yael sets out to visit Bilal’s parents in the hope that she will find some answers. Her search puts her in the middle of a conspiracy involving a Palestinian Iman, a Rabbi of a Jewish sect wishing to do away with the state of Israel, and a high-ranking Shin Bet official. Yael meets an American journalist who assists her in solving the mystery. There is a sub-story which begins about 1,000 BCE in the time of King David and is related along with Yael and Bilal’s story to provide some historical background.

Bloodline is the first book in the Heritage Trilogy. Alan Gold and Mike Jones have written a masterful novel, full of intrigue and exciting twists that keep the reader on edge. Their research is excellent and adds to the two plotlines. Anyone interested in genealogy, the DNA factor, or history in general will find this novel spellbinding.