Written by Fiona Mountain
Review by Linda Harris Sittig


Natasha Blake, a research genealogist, is hired to research the family history of John Hellier, the boyfriend of Charles Seagrove’s granddaughter. During a visit to Seagrove’s Cotswolds Farm, Natasha finds the old man dead, which leads to her search into the history of the Seagrove family. Her investigation uncovers connections between the two families, as well as some very disturbing family secrets. She is especially disconcerted to learn about Seagrove’s passion for Nazi philosophy and some long hidden crimes. Through her research, Natasha uncovers other interesting clues that seemingly have no connection: photographs of two young soldiers, one English, one British; the revelation of a terrible mistake that made two women, once friends, into bitter enemies; and fingerprints that lead to a crime previously hidden for generations. Then, as each clue is divulged, their stories begin to merge. And inadvertently, Natasha, an orphan, uncovers secrets from her own past.

Bloodline is Fiona Mountain’s second book in a series. Definitely a good read for those who like fast-paced “whodunits.”