Blood Is Blood: A Barker & Llewelyn Novel

Written by Will Thomas
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Private Enquiry Agent Thomas Llewelyn is on the trail of someone who has bombed his office and injured his associate and boss, Cyrus Barker. Bedridden, Cyrus instructs Llewelyn to make a list of possible suspects, thereby creating an “enemies list.” To complicate matters, Cyrus’s brother, who Cyrus has not seen in years, arrives in London. Since his brother has experience in crime-solving techniques with the Pinkerton Agency in the United States, Cyrus orders Llewelyn to work with him in finding the potential killer or killers. An important event is on the horizon for Llewelyn: he plans to marry soon, and his bride-to-be does not like his work because of the danger involved. She soon learns how dangerous his work is and how it can affect those he loves.

I’ve read other Barker & Llewelyn mysteries, and this novel met my fondest expectations. This detective duo remains among my favorite crime-solvers, primarily because of the interesting characters the author creates. He puts his leading characters into harm’s way throughout his novels and manages to provide an exciting but unexpected conclusion. His supporting characters are three-dimensional, and he writes in a fast-paced and gripping style that is genuinely exciting. I highly recommend this Victorian mystery novel.