Bless the Bride

Written by Rhys Bowen
Review by Trudi E. Jacobson

Private investigator Molly Murphy and NYPD Captain Daniel Sullivan are finally planning their wedding!  Daniel is in New York City, refurbishing Molly’s little Greenwich Village house, and Molly is in Westchester county with Daniel’s mother, attempting to help with sewing the trousseau that a bride in 1903 would be expected to have. Except Molly isn’t much of a sewer, and she and Daniel’s mother don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on much of anything. Molly is desperate to escape back to the city, and is delighted when a letter from her friends and neighbors, Sid and Gus, gives her reasons to return. Despite having told Daniel that she is done investigating cases, she finds herself hired by a most autocratic Chinese man from Chinatown. She is to search for his missing bride. But when she learns more about the situation, she wonders whether she should try to find the young woman.

The plot provides the author with the opportunity to introduce readers to the difficult situation that Chinese immigrants to America found themselves in, due both to government restrictions and prejudice from others. The complex relations amongst the Chinese themselves are also introduced, as is the lowly status of the women involved. This is another engaging mystery in the series.